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CWS® WindPact Vinyl Impact Windows

Our highest rated vinyl impact product for Florida's most stringent requirements with exceptional everyday performance.

Why Choose WindPact?

Easy Hurricane Protection

Put to the test to withstand Florida hurricanes and the most stringent building codes and performance requirements, CWS WindPact impact-resistant windows provide effortless protection for a home and everything inside. When the next storm threatens to strike, simply close and lock the windows, no additional storm preparation is required for our products.7 Options tested and rated to be installed in all coastal areas, including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone.

Effortless Everyday Performance

CWS WindPact windows protect your home from everyday threats and nuisances while offering exceptional energy performance. Our windows with laminated glass reduce unwanted outside noises, block nearly 100% of UV rays and deter potential intruders with a strong polymer interlayer.

Quick, Simple and Accurate Installation

Installation is key to performance and that’s why CWS WindPact products feature pre-drilled fastener locations to fit virtually any opening in Florida. Our windows are designed and built to make the installation process quick, simple and accurate. Choose from a complete product line with several product styles and over 15 shapes to meet your project needs.

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