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Meet the design and performance needs of your new construction or replacement project with CWS patio doors. Select a performance type, material or product line to learn more.
viewing the ocean from inside the kitchen through a white vinyl patio door

Impact Patio Doors

Tested to meet or exceed the strictest requirements of the Florida Building Code, impact patio doors are engineered to withstand hurricanes and protect from flying debris, intruders and UV rays. To prep for the storm, simply close and lock your doors, no additional storm preparation is required for our products.7

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Patio Door Types

Sliding Patio Door

Sliding patio doors, or sliding glass doors, are made up of panels of glass that glide along a track to open. Rather than swinging open, the panels slide and overlap.

Product Lines


a sliding patio door viewed from the outside with the ocean reflected in the glass

Vinyl Patio Doors

CWS vinyl patio doors never need repainted and are engineered for excellent performance in harsh coastal climates. With strong multichambered vinyl frames, impact and non-impact patio doors deliver year-round energy efficiency and comfort.

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a white sliding patio door leading to a small balcony

Aluminum Patio Doors

Extremely durable and weather resistant, CWS aluminum patio doors provide the design flexibility you need to complement nearly any project. Non-impact and impact aluminum patio doors are available to meet the performance requirements of your project.

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