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Soft-Vinyl Sunrooms

Convert an existing porch into a sunroom with high-quality CWS soft-vinyl sunrooms. An innovative alternative to glass, soft-vinyl sunrooms are lightweight, durable and affordable. Easily open the sliding panels to enjoy the breeze while keeping bugs out and close the panels to block out most of the elements. Soft-vinyl sunrooms are ideal if living near a golf course or in an area where children play because the durable vinyl will return to its original shape if it is stretched or dented.

Why Choose Soft-Vinyl Sunrooms?

Weather Resistant

Durable, weather resistant, flexible 10-mil vinyl maintains original shape, even after stretching.

Easy Ventilation

Lightweight soft-vinyl products easily operate provide comfortable ventilation without unwanted debris or insects.

Budget Friendly

High-quality CWS soft vinyl is affordable while offering style flexibility for any home.

Available Soft-Vinyl Sunroom Products

Discover soft-vinyl sunroom windows and patio doors.