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CWS® StormStrong Vinyl Impact Windows

Designed to weather the storm and protect what matters.

Why Choose StormStrong?

Hurricane Impact-Resistant Windows

Feel safe with simplified storm protection. Designed to weather the storm, StormStrong windows have a maximum design pressure of +/-50 and can be used anywhere outside of the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ).

Excellent Energy Efficiency & Performance

Don’t sacrifice comfort for storm protection. Our multichambered vinyl frame and glass options provide excellent energy efficiency and reduced sound transmission. Optional laminated, insulating glass helps protect your home from intruders and blocks nearly 100% of UV rays, helping protect your carpet and window treatments from fading.

Precise Installation

Proper installation is the key to exceptional performance. Installation holes are pre-drilled into the frame of every StormStrong window to make it easier and quicker to install and secure your home.

Window Types

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