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CWS Impact Windows & Doors Help Mexico Beach Home Survive Hurricane

Learn the story of how CWS impact windows and doors helped a home in Mexico Beach, Florida survive Hurricane Michael.

one home is left standing after a hurricane

On October 10, 2018, Category 5 Hurricane Michael came bearing down on Mexico Beach. With sustained winds of 160 mph, it caused devastation for miles around, leveling many buildings and leaving debris piles in its wake. While homes next door and down the street were gone, The Sand Palace, home to Russel King and his nephew Dr. Lebron Lackey, stood strong. “It was tough to recognize the street to turn on to get to your house. Your landmarks were gone. Buildings and things you would look to were gone, “said Dr. Lebron Lackey, co-owner of the Sand Palace.

Built to Last for Generations with Floor-to-Ceiling Impact Windows and Doors

King and Lackey carefully considered the construction of this family home. It was designed and built to be handed down through generations of their family. Using the strongest materials and methods they could find, the home is constructed with 40-foot concrete and steel pilings buried into the ground and impact windows and doors from CWS. Lackey proclaims, “They are the best windows and doors money can buy.”

The gulf-facing wall of the home is almost all glass. It features 2-, 3- and 4-panel sliding patio doors that extend from floor to ceiling and provide expansive, unobstructed views of the beach. These sliding patio doors create seamless indoor-outdoor living with the home’s large balconies. The home also features several single-hung windows that allow fresh breezes and natural light to other rooms.

Impact Windows Withstand Windborne Debris and Hurricane Winds

During the worst of the storm, two windows took direct hits from flying debris. The glass shattered but did not separate, functioning just as designed. The windows’ laminated glass held together and prevented winds from entering the home and destroying it. Even with the outer pane of glass broken, the windows still function properly, and the sashes can be easily raised and lowered. King explained, “If I were building a house again, no matter where in the country I built the house, I would put in CWS windows and doors.”

CWS Products Designed and Tested for Hurricanes

CWS has been designing windows and doors since 1986 to perform exactly when you need them during a hurricane. CWS impact product designs undergo extensive testing to simulate a hurricane. This includes hurling a 2"x4" piece of wood at a speed of 50 feet per second at the laminated glass, which is rated to an ASTM E1996 missile D rating. The laminate must remain intact to prevent a large rush of air and windborne debris from entering the home and lifting the roof off. After impact, the design is subjected to 9,000 cycles at negative and positive hurricane pressures to ensure the window still operates as it should.

Thanks to the Sand Palace’s careful construction, including CWS windows and doors, the home withstood Category 5 Hurricane Michael in 2018 beautifully. “Our windows didn’t fail. They were above and beyond expectations and above and beyond hurricane Michael,” said Lackey. This has ensured the home will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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