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CWS® Clear AdvantageAluminum Picture WindowNon-Impact

Maximize natural light with a CWS Clear Advantage picture window. Made of strong, maintenance-free aluminum, these picture windows deliver years of long-lasting beauty and performance. Also known as fixed windows, picture windows are commonly combined with other window types to make a design statement.

an illustration of a picture window

Window Features

  • Frame: New construction or replacement.
  • Operation: Non-operable or unable to be opened.
  • Performance: Weather- and corrosion-resistant frames are tested and designed to keep weather out and comfort in.

Features and Options

Frame Color

Create a signature look with a solid-color frame.


Solid White8

Solid Bronze8


Our glass collection offers energy saving choices to keep your home comfortable year-round.

Low-E Glass

Low-E 270

Low-E 366

Low-E 366 Neat

Low-E 340

Additional Options

Gray Tinted





Grille Types


Contour 1"

Contour 3/4"

Flat 5/8"

Grille Patterns

Choose from one of our standard grille patterns or create a unique look with custom patterns.

Grille Patterns

6-Lite Prairie

9-Lite Prairie

Top Row



Other Clear Advantage Windows

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