WeatherLite Series 5200 Multi-Vent

Horizontal Slider

Our ACRYLIC Multi-Track Sliding Door Panels are really great in bringing in the beauty of the landscape of your backyard or pool enclosure area. You can open an entire wall to give great viewing, lighting and breeze possibilities or you can close the panels to have more privacy or to simply keep out the weather. You won’t have to worry about your pet breaking through screen because these doors are ACRYLIC and are as tough as single pane glass and come with a sturdy aluminum frame.

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Product Description

Whether you are converting an existing screen porch or adding a new structure to your home, our acrylic pane products are a beautiful and simple solution.

  • Lightweight Multi-Track horizontal sliding windows can be moved left or right effortlessly to ventilate up to 50% of the screened area.
  • Vents can be removed allowing total screen room ventilation.
  • Removable screens available (outside mount version only)
  • Available in 2 tracks only
  • 4 panel maximum


  • Multi-Vent 2-4 Panel Maximum
  • All Panels Slide
  • 4P/2T w/o screen
  • 4P/3T w/screen
  • 2P/2T w/o screen
  • 2P3T w/screen

Product Warranty

Product Brochures

Product Options

Frame Colors
Solid White
Solid White
Solid Bronze
Solid Bronze
Grid Styles
1 inch contour
1" Contour
3/4 inch countour
3/4" Contour
3/4 inch sdl (exterior)
3/4" SDL (Exterior)
5/8 inch flat
5/8" Flat
Glass Colors
Gray Tinted
Gray Tinted
Low-E 270
Low-E 270
Low-E 340
Low-E 340
Low-E 366
Low-E 366
Low-E 366 Neat
Low-E 366 Neat
Glass Finishes
Rain glass finish
Frosted glass finish
Obscure glass finish
Tempered glass finish
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