StormStrong Series 6200

Horizontal Slider

Our high-impact, 6200 series horizontal sliding windows are built to perform. These windows have been designed with dual-action, automatic, self-locking sash locks for added security, as well as a monorail system using adjustable zinc rollers for smooth operation.

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Product Description

  • Meets or exceeds all Energy Star® standards
  • Tilt Sash for easy cleaning
  • Available with Low-E glass (270, 340, 366)
    • 7/8” insulated glass with argon gas standard for ultraviolet and thermal protection
    • Double-strength glass standard
  • Energy efficient non-metallic spacer system
    • Excellent thermal performance and energy efficiency
    • Keeps windows clearer longer limiting condensation
  • Durability and resistance from the elements
    • Fusion-welded construction without fasteners for structural stability
    • Heavy-duty weather-stripping at all points, where vinyl meets vinyl, protects against the elements
  • BetterVue® half screen standard
    • Roll form or extruded screen available
    • 10% better insect protection—20% better airflow—10% clearer view
    • BetterVue® screen will not rust, corrode or stain
  • 6550 Series Picture Window to complement the 6200 SH
  • Maximum sizes: 2-lite 74″ x 72″ and 3-lite 111″ x 63″

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Product Options

Frame Colors
Solid White
Solid White
Solid Bronze
Solid Bronze
Solid Adobe
Solid Adobe
Bronze / White
Available in Capstock Coating
Grid Styles
1 inch contour
1" Contour
3/4 inch countour
3/4" Contour
3/4 inch sdl (exterior)
3/4" SDL (Exterior)
5/8 inch flat
5/8" Flat
Glass Colors
Gray Tinted
Gray Tinted
Low-E 240
Low-E 240
Low-E 270
Low-E 270
Low-E 340
Low-E 340
Low-E 366
Low-E 366
Low-E 366 Neat
Low-E 366 Neat
Glass Finishes
Rain glass finish
Frosted glass finish
Obscure glass finish
Tempered glass finish
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