StormStrong Series 6500

Double Hung

Our double hung window allow you to easily slide your window up or down so that you may enjoy the sensation of the outdoors from your choosing, whether it be from the top or bottom of the window. The double hung features a rugged, extruded aluminum screen that fills the entire window opening, keeping bugs out but the breeze in.

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Product Description

  • Meets or exceeds all Energy Star® standards
  • Tilt Sash for easy cleaning
  • Available with Low-E glass (270, 340, 366)
    • 7/8” insulated glass with argon gas standard for ultraviolet and thermal protection
    • Double-strength glass standard
  • Energy efficient non-metallic spacer system
    • Excellent thermal performance and energy efficiency
    • Keeps windows clearer longer limiting condensation
  • Constant Force stainless steel coil balance system
  • Recessed tilt latches
  • Durability and resistance from the elements
    • Fusion-welded construction without fasteners for structural stability
    • Heavy-duty weather-stripping at all points, where vinyl meets vinyl, protects against the elements
  • Rugged BetterVue® half screen standard (full available)
    • Roll form or extruded screen available
    • 10% better insect protection—20% better airflow—10% clearer view
    • BetterVue® screen will not rust, corrode or stain
  • 6550 Series Picture Window to complement the 6100 DH
  • Maximum sizes: 53.125” x 76”

Florida Product Approvals

Product Warranty

Product Options

Frame Colors
Solid White
Solid White
Solid Bronze
Solid Bronze
Solid Adobe
Solid Adobe
Bronze / White
Available in Capstock Coating
Grid Styles
1 inch contour
1" Contour
3/4 inch countour
3/4" Contour
3/4 inch sdl (exterior)
3/4" SDL (Exterior)
5/8 inch flat
5/8" Flat
Glass Colors
Gray Tinted
Gray Tinted
Low-E 240
Low-E 240
Low-E 270
Low-E 270
Low-E 340
Low-E 340
Low-E 366
Low-E 366
Low-E 366 Neat
Low-E 366 Neat
Glass Finishes
Rain glass finish
Frosted glass finish
Obscure glass finish
Tempered glass finish
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