Guardian door

WeatherLite Series 5000 Prime Door

Custom Window Systems proudly presents THE GUARDIAN™, its premier line of prime doors. Designed to complement any style home, THE GUARDIAN™ comes in a wide variety of confi gurations and has many hidden features allowing for greater performance for many years. Compare the quality of our GUARDIAN™ line of doors. We are sure you will recognize the value.


  • Powder coated aluminum frames
  • Heavy, extruded and insulated frames are a durable 2” x 4”
  • Extruded foam-fi lled T-slot seal on Z-bar creates the best possible inner seal
  • Hinging is provided by way of four stainless steel tamper-proof hinges with brass bushings attached with stainless steel rivets
  • Extruded heavy corner key prevents door sag
  • Flush mounted single hung windows and mitered corners present a cleaner appearance
  • Applicable styles offer embossed kick-panels both inside and out
  • Outswing version only for leak protection
  • Optimum security is provided through the upgraded lever lockset and deadbolt


  • 4-Track Inserts
  • SH Inserts
  • Fixed Panel Inserts

Florida Product Approvals

5000 Series Prime Door

5000 Series Prime Door - Solid Core

  • Configurations
    • The guardian prime door

      Swing Door

  • Acrylic Frame Colors
  • Acrylic Colors
  • Vinyl Glazed Frame Colors
  • Vinyl Colors
  • Garage Door Slides Frame Colors
  • Garage Door Sliders Vinyl Colors
  • Glass Pane Frame Colors
    • White
    • Bronze
  • Glass Pane Grid Styles
  • Glass Pane Colors
    • Gray

      Gray Tinted

    • Loe default

      Low-E 270

    • Loe default

      Low-E 366 Neat

    • Loe default

      Low-E 366

    • Loe 240

      Low-E 240

    • Loe default


    • Enclosure colors


  • Glass Finishes
    • Rain


    • Frosted


    • Obscure